Shanghai’s First Intellectual Property Rights Protection Mutual Fund is Landed in Lin-gang New Area!

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Shanghai’s First Intellectual Property Rights Protection Mutual Fund is Landed in Lin-gang New Area!

On the morning of April 23rd, the main venue of 2021 Shanghai Intellectual Property Publicity Week was held in Dishui Lake Convention Center, Lin-gang New Area. Chen Qun, Vice Mayor of Shanghai Municipal Government, attended the event.

At the meeting, Rui Wenbiao,Commissioner and Secretary of the Party Group of the Shanghai Intellectual Property Office, and Zhao Yihuai, Deputy Director and Member of the Party Working Committee of the China (Shanghai) Plot Free Trade Zone Lin-gang Special Area Administration witnessed the establishment of Shanghai’s first market-oriented mutual fund for intellectual property rights (IPR) protection. The fund is jointly initiated by 10 enterprises located in Lin-gang New Area, which include some key industries and industrial parks like integrated circuit, artificial intelligence, biological medicine and aerospace, and professional service institutions. The total operation start-up capital is RMB 1 million. More innovative enterprises will be recruited in the later stage.

The fund adheres to the concept of spontaneous organization, independent management, autonomous operation, fully embodies its features of marketization, public welfare, mutual assistance. As an important part of the diversified IPR protection system in Lin-gang New Area, the fund will play a strong role in promoting the formation of a long-term market-oriented operation of rights protection and mutual assistance mechanism in this area, especially in providing rights aid special funds, building rights aid service team, improving overseas rights aid services, building rights mutual communication platform.

Establishing a mutual aid fund for IPR protection is an important measure for Lin-gang New Area to thoroughly implement the spirit of President Xi Jinping’s important address at the 25th collective study session in the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee ; an important advance to fully implement the words: “Encourage enterprises to increase capital investment, and set up mutual funds for IPR and rights protection through market-oriented ways, so as to improve the ability and level of self-rights protection”, which is included in the Opinions on Strengthening Intellectual Property Protection, issued by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council; an important achievement of intellectual property reform and innovation task in Lin-gang New Area, which is a first try and first breakthrough. It provides strong support for building Lin-gang New Area to become a special economic functional area and a source of international innovation with international market influence and competitiveness.

Lin-gang New Area will further improve the fund’s functions, continue to strengthen operation mechanism like fund expansion, value preservation and appreciation, rights protection and mutual assistance, risk management. We will open up the whole chain of intellectual property creation, application, protection, management and services, build a public intellectual property service system for enterprises,effectively enhance the sense of gain of enterprises in Lin-gang New area, serve the overall development of scientific and technological innovation and help Shanghai build itself into an international IPR highland, realizing the global knowledge value.